December 01, 2013

Moonlight probably feels right...


Lazy Sunday afternoon in my car, I heard a good old tune on the radio. It was "Moonlight feels right" by Starbuck.
It was not that keyboard-enhanced-version but the original version that dates back to '76.
We can buy it from iTunes Store in a minute these days. Convenient indeed.
But .....
I have one big anxiety. Is this really good ...for us, for music freaks?

After invention of CD, we became not to be required to turn the LP over. This has made our rising expectation and pumping of our heart for the top tune of side-B go away. We have lost the melancholy of the last tune of side-A also. The story and context of LP has gone away, I feel art of LP has died.

I need to add one more problem.
It is the weird function of CD player. CD player can modify how to play CD. It can also place intervals between each songs, even if they are in one medley.
The one, not knowing this weird function of CD player was on, who had heard side-B of Abbey Road is badly unfortunate. It will be as tragic as losing a treasure which one can meet only once in his or her life.

You should actually argue about the range where the technical expert can step into first.
They seem not to think carefully before they produce items.
They should look up in the night sky sometimes.
Moonlight probably feels right...

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